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• 11/3/2017
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• 11/27/2017

Welcome to Discussions!

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• 5/25/2016

Wanna new levels?

So, I have a way for us to make new level (either wayvthe wiki is dead now), using Peggle Edit, and I am working with it to bring you 5 awesome level with Solar Flare 's concept, who want it?
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• 1/12/2016

My artworks!

I will post all my peggle artworks here!
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• 4/27/2015

This or That.

Apparently the first Fun & Games thread ever made in this wiki.
How to play: Ask for two different things, then the person below must choose one.

Person 1: Cup or Cakes?
Person 2: CakesBorder or Lands?
...and so on.
Peggle or Peggle Blast?
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• 4/25/2015

Blocked IP

First let me start by saying hello to the people who have something worth saying or posting!! I come across wikipedia pages quite frequently on a day to day basis and had wanted to look up an actors name. While I'm working on the net I have the television on in background and a movie came on with the actor who is in the movie. As I read through the wiki on him I noticed that the page had no mention of the movie I was watching. So, I decided for the first time to add the name of the movie. Only to find out that my IP was blocked from doing any such thing on wikipedia. It wasn't my specific IP, but rather an allotment of IP's from 00000001-10000001 for example. Of course, there is more nonsense than anything of importance from people who lack any etiquette or education for that matter. It's ashamed really that some people end up on the losing end without really having anything to do with the nonsense all together. Funny thing is I always see the "Make a Donation" banner and was thinking of doing just that about a month ago. Since I come across those pages often and partake in the info displayed. But I'm glad I didn't since my input is not accepted because of the wide block. What they need is some sort of detailed block system to do away with the specific offender. It seems that I spend more time trying to protect my pages and computer and my information than enjoying the internet. 
     But any way, I had to put that out there for people who have the education to work on a solution to the problem. Good site by what I see so far...Thanks!
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• 3/30/2015

Making the Rules

So, what details do you think that we should include in the rules? I want to hear everyone's opinions.
(plz don't be swear-sentitive like PvZ wiki)
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• 3/24/2015
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• 3/22/2015

A few things

Should we have message walls or not?
1. Support
2. Oppose
3. Neutral
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• 4/25/2015

NO-ble Horn

Currently, I'm stuck on level 60, Noble Horn. It's the boss fight with 4 levels and a duel. How do I get past it without paying?
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