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The trophy and note given when you complete the adventure mode.

Adventure Mode is the main mode playable in Peggle, Peggle Nights and Peggle Extreme. It slowly takes the player through each of the facets of the game, including describing the Blue Peg, the Orange Peg, the Purple Peg, the Green Peg, the Ball-O-Tron, the Bucket, and each of the master's abilities. The Player starts Adventure Mode without the use of any master's ability, and then progresses through each of the 10 masters, starting with Bjorn, and ending with Master Hu except in Peggle Nights, where the player will end with Marina. The final stages, known as Master Levels, allow you to use any of the masters and their abilities. When the player has completed the adventure he or she is awarded with a Peggle Trophy and a note. The trophy is placed near Bjorn on the main menu. Also, after finishing Adventure mode, Challenge Mode is unlocked, allowing the player to play the levels, except with an added twist, such as having Pyramid, Flippers, and Fireball in the challenge Pinball Wizard.

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