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Baseball is the fourth level of Stage Six in Peggle Deluxe’s Adventure Mode. To win this level, you must clear all the orange pegs.


Watch out! That wall of blue pegs makes this level a challenge!

Spooky Ball can help.

ㅤ — Renfield


  • Take your first shot outside the wall of blues to try to raise your multiplier sooner. Aim precisely to hit both the wall, some orange pegs and the bucket for maximum effort.
  • After you're good, aim for the wall of pegs. Try to make the shot bounce to a good location.
  • The best master to 100% clear this level is Renfield. Free Ball Skills will come in handy at the end.


  • The "V", eyes and snout made of blue pegs have the same format of a baseball infield shift (a defensive realignment from the standard positions to blanket one side of the field or another).
  • The level's raw filename is baseball.

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