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Batrina is the fifth master in Peggle Blast. She is a bat and an opera singer, with a high pitched, melodic voice.

Sonic Shriek

Batrina's green peg power is called the "Sonic Shriek" which turns the bucket into a radar which connects a sound path with her picture at the top, and pivots off the first peg, wall, or object the ball is aimed at. When the ball is fired, the shriek path lights up any pegs in its two way path, and then allows the ball to take its course.

Her power is similar to Marina's.


Peggle Blast

61. Opening Act
62. Applause
63. Aria
64. Encore
65. Opera House
66. Dusk Flight
67. Improv
68. Curtain Call
69. Overture
70. Mezzanine
71. Microphone
72. Diva
73. Chorus
74. Measured
75. Fan the Flames
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