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Hi, you're Berg!

Oof! I mean I'm Berg!

ㅤ — Berg in Peggle 2 ㅤ

Berg is a Peggle Master introduced in Peggle 2.


Berg has light-yellow fur covering almost his entire body, except for his big hands, big feet, small black eyes and red nose. He's got caucasian skin tone and a single blue flower with yellow disc floret attached to his head.

Magic Powers

Deep Freeze

Berg's power stops all movement on the board. When a ball runs into any of the pegs, the pegs will slide in the direction that the ball has hit, also triggering any pegs that they hit while sliding.

Special Style Points

  • Frostbite (10,000 pts) - Chain seven pegs with Deep Freeze.
  • Cool Catch (15,000 pts) - Shoot a peg into the bucket while Deep Freeze is activated.

Usage tips

  • Deep Freeze is great for brick-based stages to clear out the horizontal barriers.
  • The ice breath only lasts one turn per green peg, so make sure you time your shot properly into crowded areas.


Peggle 2

3-01. Feetsteps
3-02. Snowflukes
3-03. Ice Skirting
3-04. Not Springs
3-05. Water Fluffs
3-06. Spacey Curtains
3-07. Sky So Serious
3-08. The Snowpening
3-09. Fortress of Being Alone by Myself
3-10. Snow Friends of Mine


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  • His concept was inspired by the clumsy dancing hippo of Fantasia.

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