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In this page is listed everything Berg ever said in all the official, canon Peggle games.

Peggle 2

Hi, you're Berg!

Oof! I mean I'm Berg!

My Deep Freeze power makes pegs slide for two turns!

ㅤ — Berg in Feetsteps

A sliding peg can hit other pegs!

ㅤ — Berg in Snowflukes

Hit a brick with Deep Freeze and it'll light the bricks on either side.

ㅤ — Berg in Ice Skirting

This here's a pool of water made of genuine H2O!

ㅤ — Berg in Not Springs

Over here we got some real pretty clouds!

ㅤ — Berg in Water Fluffs

Bjorn says this trial can be done in one shot! Something about bricks lighting up the bricks next to them, he said!

ㅤ — Berg in his trial Coldbricker

These are some nothern lights, or as I call 'em, “Spacey Curtains.”

ㅤ — Berg in Spacey Curtains

Look, it's Master Hu from original Peggle! Hi, Hu!

ㅤ — Berg in Sky So Serious

Well, here's my place! Sorry about the weird ondulating pegs!

ㅤ — Berg in The Snowpening

I call this my Fortress of Being Alone by Myself.

ㅤ — Berg in Fortress of Being Alone by Myself

Finally I found my buddies! And they're having a party!

ㅤ — Berg in Snow Friends of Mine