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If Peggle Blast Extreme Fever theme played for their Masters rather than Bjorn himself

Hello I'm Cherry Jam, as Timezone Radio 4 (It's About Time), from Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures as she is being a toymaker and singer, let's start to Peggle Blast has Extreme Fever theme for other masters rather than Bjorn. It is being a classical music that used in Extreme Fever sequence, but this is the other masters.

  • 1 Masters
    • 1.1 Bjorn Unicorn
    • 1.2 Jimmy Lightning
    • 1.3 Pearl
    • 1.4 Kablooey
    • 1.5 Batrina
    • 1.6 Shelldon
    • 1.7 Warren
    • 1.8 Roxy
    • 1.9 Buddy
    • 1.10 Phoebee
    • 1.11 Tula
    • 1.12 Fnord
  • 2 Themes played

Just like previous Peggle games, Bjorn just represented "Ode to Joy" by Ludwig van Beethoven.

Jimmy Lightning could be "Hungarian Dance No. 5" by Johannes Brahms.

Pearl could be "Pomp and Circumstance" by Edward Elgar. A reference to college graduation sequence.

Kablooey co…

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Shihyun Shihyun 13 May 2020

Updates to the wiki

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Uselessguy Uselessguy 23 May 2015

Peggle Blast - 180 levels!

The newest version 2.6 has been updated! Cheers!

Warren came back with his Lucky Spin and 15 new charming levels! Buddy, Phoebee and Tula are ready for these challenges!

Coins are the new currency of the game. Any player will have free 10 coins. It is a rainbow token with the P word. To buy it, you must pay real money!

Now we don't have to use real money to buy boosters, we can use coins now!

Good news! There will be a daily puzzle everyday, not just in events now! Try playing and you will get big prizes to help you pass the game!

Download/Update the new version on Google Play Store or App Store for iOS users.

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Uselessguy Uselessguy 13 April 2015

Peggle Blast - New version 2.5.0!

Tula has returned in Peggle Blast! She has a new power, Sunburst! Enjoy 15 new levels in the rain of spring.

Enjoy 7 new levels of Progressive/Eggshellent! Flo will come to help you to hatch the eggs. You will also get many big prizes, so hurry!

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Uselessguy Uselessguy 22 March 2015

Peggle Blast - New version 2.4.0!

Peggle Blast has been updated into 2.4.0 version! Here are the new features!

Phoebee is a new Master who can shot 4 bees at once to hit hard to the pegs! Enjoy 15 new levels with the bee-hive map!

Meet new Popfrogs! They work exactly like the bombs, but they can move around the screen and hit nearby pegs when hit.

Happy St. Patrick Day, Peggle Masters! Enjoy 7 days of St. Patrick. Win at least 5 days to get a FREE Lightning Strike - a new Power-up!

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Uselessguy Uselessguy 20 March 2015

Peggle Wiki is being revived!

Welcome to Peggle Wiki, every Peggle fan! :D

As I have adopted for this Wiki, I became officially the first bureaucrat of this Wiki. I came here to revive it, with all of my knowledge and love of Peggle, especially Peggle Blast! I hope everyone, including you, will help me revive this Wiki! You can also contact other admins here, such as Murabito and Bearjedi. They are my best friends, and they will help you guide how to contribute this Wiki!

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