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Buddy Turtle is a lifelong miner with a heart of gold and a hard-to-understand accent.

Buddy (full name: Buddy Turtle) is a Peggle Master in Peggle Blast who was revealed in the 2.3.0 update.

Draggable Bucket

Draggable Bucket is his magic power which is active when the player hits a green peg. Once they hit it, the Free Ball Bucket becomes a Draggable Bucket which is full of rockets. The player has a short time to prepare to drag it around. The player must try to let a ball fall into that bucket by dragging it to activate a rocket which shoots straight after three seconds, hitting any peg in its way.


Peggle Blast

121. Rolling
122. Peaked
123. Warp Wrap
124. Supports
125. Tracks
126. Pickaxe
127. Spiky
128. Explosives
129. Fwoop!
130. Detonators
131. Mine Carts
132. Handcar
133. Carapace
134. Tunnel Slide
135. Signal Lantern



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