Peggle level

Bjorn on Das Bucket


Das Bucket is the fourth level in the Adventure Mode. The level, as the title suggests, is shaped like a bucket.

Strategy guideEdit

The best way to win in Das Bucket is to select Jimmy Lightning as your character, as the green pegs are often at the top. If they are, aim at a Green Peg, and try to angle the shot so that it will bounce back at the other green. This can make for incredible shots that take out nearly all of the board (once I Sk8r2000 20:42, 24 October 2008 (UTC) nearly got an Ultra Extreme Fever in one shot using this method.)

You can also use Renfield, and aim to hit one of the Green pegs on the first ball and send the ball down the side of the bucket to score a super slide bonus. Quite often the spooky ball will then hit the other green peg as well as the purple peg and you can easily get >600,000 points for this level.

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