Peggle Wiki

Duel Mode is unlocked at beating Stage 1.


  1. Two players must take turns shooting the ball. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins counts a winning streak.
  2. You must hit at least one orange peg on a shot. If you don't then any scoring is nullified for the turn and you are penalized by losing 25% of your total score.
  3. Get style points instead of Free Balls except (Warren which is a 25% chance of spinning an Extra Ball). Also, there are no coin flip Free Balls in Duel Mode.
  4. The game ends either when a player eliminates the last orange peg or when both players run out of balls.
  5. It is possible to for the player who got a Fever to still lose.
  6. If the opponent is won, you lose a winning streak.