I got 11-2 using the Pyramid. It's not really great for it, but it's better than anything else.

You can use the timing trick by watching where the bucket is when you shoot. I did a couple of shots with the thing aimed down - don't move it when the level starts. Then I did one or two aiming all the way to the left and right. The left especially helped, since the bricks at the top of the left side were the hardest to aim into the bucket later on.

After clearing the right side you can time the shots to go into the bucket, but it takes patience and a lot of tries. I cleared the right with 8 balls left and ended the level with one brick left. Then I cleared the right with 1 ball left, and cleared the level.

It helped to look at a little cloud on the background at the bottom. I would shoot when the bucket got just under that. I would vary depending on the brick, though. The farther left or the higher the brick, the earlier you should shoot.