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Fnord is an evil Peggle Master and the main antagonist in Peggle Blast. He is also the 12th Peggle Master that the player can play as in Peggle Blast. He is Bjorn's brother, and he is the duelist the player has to duel with in boss levels. He made his first appearance in the duel with Bjorn, which is the second battle of Level 15.

Superior Guide

Superior Guide is Fnord's Magic Power. It works very similar to Bjorn's Super Guide, except it has a longer range and surrounds the ball with fire that lights up nearby pegs. However, when dueling with Fnord, the fire effect is absent.

Dueling with Fnord

Fnord is a very good Peggle Master and the player must duel with him at the end of every Master's section. Each turn, he usually hits at least an orange peg and gets big score. To beat him, you should get style points, like Long Shot. You can also use the green pegs as your advantage to beat him. Try not to let Fnord get them, as there are only two per level.

Though he is experienced, his weakness is that his hit may be disturbed by animating objects, such as pegs and fireballs. He is easy to beat in the levels having them, especially the duel with Jimmy.



  • Before version 2.7, Fnord was the only Peggle Master that could not be played as. This update added a section of levels for him and made him a playable character.
  • Before version 2.7, his Magic Power was called Super Duper Guide.
  • Fnord originally appeared years before Peggle Blast's release on Bjorn's blog[1]“You know, those group of fiendish Peggle cheats and criminals ruled with an iron hoof by none other than Academician Fnord Unicorn. They look just like us, except with beards, eyepatches and hue-shifted color palettes! It would provide a competitive angle, and we’d get to confront our evil dark sides in the bargain!” Fnord also made a post himself on the blog, but his design was much different: he was white with a green mane, and his eyepatch was plain rather than having a horseshoe on it.