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When the player's ball lands in the free ball bucket, they will receive a ball for free as suggested by the name. The free ball goes to the Free Ball Meter. The player can get style points by using the bucket as follows:

Free Ball Bucket Style Points: Edit

Lucky Bounce: (25,000 points) The ball hits the edge of the bucket and then hits at least one other peg before bouncing into the bucket.

Free Ball Skills: (5,000 points) The ball hits exactly one peg and goes into the bucket.

Kick The Bucket: (25,000 points) The ball bounces off the bucket's edge before hitting the final Orange Peg.

Mad Skillz: (25,000 points) Land the ball in the bucket 5 times in a row.

Crazy Mad Skillz (100,000 points) Land the ball in the bucket 10 times in a row.