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I refuse to explain these motions!

ㅤ — Gnorman in Peggle 2 ㅤ

Gnorman is a Peggle Master introduced in Peggle 2. He is a small gnome inside a robotic suit.


Gnorman's robotic suit is gray by default. It has silver shoulder pads, a golden metal moustache, yellow hand and black arms, fingers and left leg. It wears a yellow belt with a red gear brooch, and a red hat that protects an antenna. His left foot uses a silver shoe with yellow sole, while his right leg is just a plunger. Its other body parts are painted blue.

Magic Powers

Uber Volt

Gnorman's power charges the ball with crackling electrical energy. Each time the ball hits a peg, lightning lances out to strike two additional pegs, vastly amplifying the shot's peg-busting effectiveness.

Special Style Points

  • Major Discharge (10,000 pts) - Trigger 10 Uber Volt discharges in one shot.

Usage tips

  • When you're dealing with a large group of pegs, or trying to clear away a circular or other shaped structure in the center, you'll want to have the Uber Volt on hand. Try to use it as early as possible to gain a helpful advantage.


Peggle 2

4-01. Unlimited Power
4-02. Total Attack Vortex
4-03. Megasymmetrical Manifold
4-04. Potency Gears
4-05. Complete Puzzle Movement
4-06. Unassailable Force Chain
4-07. Conveyance Belt
4-08. Absolute Feedback Dials
4-09. Objective Advantage Pulley
4-10. Super Fun Mystery Box!


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  • Gnorman makes a cameo in Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time when the player unlocks Terror from Tomorrow. In the unlocking animation, a mechanical hand from a UFO will grab random items to look for the level button; one of the items is shown to be the Gnorman suit, but then tossed out approximately three to four seconds later.
  • The rest of the costumes have different things inside them instead of a small gnome, such as: A worm, A small purple alien (including the golden variation), A whale, A zombie (in the PVZ costume pack) and a scientist (only on the PlayStation).
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