The Levels*

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to acess tips for Peggle Nights click here Stage 1: Bjorn


Slip and Slide

Bjorn's Gazebo

Das Bucket

Snow Day

Stage 2: Jimmy Lighting

Birdy's Crib

Buffalo Wings

Skate Park

Spiral of Doom

Mr. Peepers

Stage 3: Kat Tut

Scarab Crunch

Ininite Cheese


Croco-Gater Pit

The Fever Level

Stage 4: Splork

The Amoeban

The Last Flower

We Come in Peace

Maid in Space

Getting the Spare

Stage 5: Claude

Pearl Clam

Insane Aquarium

Tasty Waves

Our Favourite Eel

Love Story

Stage 6: Renfield






Stage 7: Tula

Holland Oats

I Heart Flowers

Workin' From Home

Tula's Ride

70 And Sunny

Stage 8: Warren

Win A Monkey

Dog Pinball

Spin Again

Roll 'Em

Five Of A Kind

Stage 9: Lord Cinderbottom

The Love Moat

Doom With A View


9 Luft Balloons

Twisted Sisters

Stage 10: Master Hu

Spin Cycle

The Dude Abides

When Pigs Fly

Yang, Yin

Zen Frog

Stage 11: Master Levels

Paw Reader

End of Time

Billions & Billions

Don't Panic

Beyond Reason

This list of levels does not include Peggle Nights levels. For the guide to Peggle Nights click here.

Click here for the list of challenges.