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If you don't dig the Bowlder power, well, that's just, like, your opinion, man.

ㅤ — Jeffrey in Peggle 2 ㅤ

Jeffrey is a Peggle Master introduced in Peggle 2.


Jeffrey has gray skin, long dark nails, reddish big nose with two pimples, hairy foot and pointy ears. He has dark brown beard and hair; his fringe covers his black eyes.

He wears a beige shirt, brown shorts and a belt of ornamented shields. In his back, he carries a big heap of earth covered by high grass, where two light-yellow goats live.

Magic Powers


Jeffrey's power turns the ball into a large rock bowling ball. Once it strikes its first peg, it will slowly begin falling downward, crushing all pegs below.

Special Style Points

  • Wrecking Ball (10,000 pts) - Hit 15 or more pegs with the Bowlder.
  • Spare Pickup (10,000 pts) - Shoot the Bowlder into the bucket.

Usage tips

  • It's best to use the boulder as early in the round as possible, mainly because it can clear a lot of pegs out of the way in one shot.
  • If the player hits a number of orange pegs as it rolls download, they'll earn enough bonus points to get an extra ball.
  • The Bowlder power slowers the ball, so time your shots carefully.


Peggle 2

2-01. Take It Easy, Dude
2-02. Throwing Rocks
2-03. Zesty Enterprise
2-04. Water Under the Bridge
2-05. On Top of Old Smokey
2-06. Tied Together
2-07. The Eagles
2-08. Tripped on a Cloud
2-09. Tacky Treethorns
2-10. Trolled!


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  • His character is based on Jeffrey “The Dude” Lebowski, main character of the movie The Big Lebowski. That's the second time there's a reference to this movie in the Peggle franchise since The Dude Abides.
  • Other reference occurs at On Top of Old Smokey level, where Jeffrey says “Careful man, there's a beverage here!” just like the movie's main character.
  • Jeffrey is alcoholic, always holding a cup of beer.

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