Kat Tut
Magic Power
Special Style Points
Pyramid Pickup (10,000 pts)
Pyramid Pileup (25,000 pts)

Eye of the Pyramid (Peggle Nights) (10,000 pts)

First Appearance
Scarab's Crunch

Kat Tut is the 3rd Peggle Master in Peggle and also a cat. Kat Tut wields two traditional Egyptian staves, which are generally a symbol of royalty. Kat Tut wants to become a circus performer.[source needed]

Kat Tut is known in certain internet circles as "ironicat" because of his penchant for irony.[source needed]


He wears a red-blue crown,he has a green eyes,brown nose, and brown fur.

Pyramid Edit

Pyramid is Kat Tut's Magic Power which is used instantly after the player hits a green peg. The Free Ball Bucket will transform into a pyramid-like bucket. Actually, this power just lengthen the edge of the Free Ball Bucket. This lasts 3 turns each green peg.

Special Style Points Edit

  • Pyramid Pickup (10,000 pts) - Getting the ball to land in the pyramid using the sides of the pyramid.
  • Pyramid Pileup (25,000 pts) - Hitting both green pegs in one single turn.
  • Eye of the Pyramid (10,000 pts) - Make the ball land to to the bucket without hitting the sides of the pyramid.

Peggle Edit

Peggle Nights Edit

  • Step Right Up
  • Parade!
  • Jump The Squid
  • Death Defying

Religion in Multiplayer Edit

Kat Tut is also known as The Prophet in the religion of The Green Peg.  Through The Prophet, our lord Green Peg, the one true god, grants us respite from the false god, DQ.  The long arms of The Prophet's pyramid keeps our balls and souls from entering the lowly abiss where that false god is said to reside. Praise be.[source needed]