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I once thought nothing could beat playing with a ball of yarn, but Peggle tops it.

I'm keeping the yarn, though. Yarn still hits the spot every so often.

ㅤ — Kat Tut in Peggle Deluxe ㅤ

Kat Tut is a Peggle Master. He is a member of the Peggle Institute, and the 3rd character to be introduced in the series overall.


Kat Tut is a brown cat with green eyes. He wears a nemes (headcloth worn by pharaohs in ancient Egypt) with red and blue stripes, and wields two golden traditional Egyptian staves, which are generally a symbol of royalty.

Magic Power


Kat Tut's unique ability is activated immediately after the player hits a green peg and lasts for 5 turns. The Free Ball Bucket will transform into a pyramid-like bucket, with longer edges — making it easier to get free balls.

Special Style Points

  • Pyramid Pickup (10,000 pts) - Getting the ball to land in the pyramid using the sides of the pyramid.
  • Pyramid Pileup (25,000 pts) - Hitting both green pegs in one single turn.
  • Eye of the Pyramid (10,000 pts) - Make the ball land to the bucket without hitting the sides of the pyramid. Only works in Peggle Nights.

Usage Tips

  • With the Pyramid power, you can get free balls more often.



3-1. Scarab Crunch
3-2. Infinite Cheese
3-3. Ra Deal
3-4. Croco-Gator Pit
3-5. The Fever Level

Peggle Nights

4-1. Step Right Up
4-2. Parade!
4-3. Me-YOWWWW!
4-4. Jump the Squid
4-5. Death Defying


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  • He and Buddy are the only masters that can transform the Free Ball Bucket.
  • In Peggle Nights, he admitted to sleep 98% of the day, getting plenty of time for dreaming.
  • He has recurring dreams that involve him being a circus performer, sometimes a daredevil and sometimes a trapeze artist.
  • He's a specialist in yarn.

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