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In this page is listed everything Lord Cinderbottom ever said in all the official, canon Peggle games.

Peggle Deluxe

I am Lord Cinderbottom of the Order of the Flame, and it is my privilege to reveal to you the Fireball, fiercest of Peggle Magic Powers.

The Fireball burns through the board with ferocious force. If you bounce it off the Free Ball Bucket, your supremacy will be assured. Your training begins... NOW!

ㅤ — Lord Cinderbottom's introduction ㅤ

Strike the green peg to activate the Fireball on your next turn!

The Fireball burns a path through the board. Test its mighty power for yourself!

ㅤ — Lord Cinderbottom in The Love Moat

Observe, my student, that the Free Ball Bucket is capped when the Fireball is active.

Thus, a well-timed shot will bounce off the cap and hit more pegs.

ㅤ — Lord Cinderbottom in Doom With a View

You begin to see the fearsome strength of the Fireball.

Do not let its power tempt you into the error of pride. The flame serves only the virtuous.

ㅤ — Lord Cinderbottom in Rhombi

Be cautious. Even with the flame at your command, victory will not come easily.

I have seen strong men weep in failure. Be not like them.

ㅤ — Lord Cinderbottom in 9 Luft Balloons

Your mastery greatly pleases me, my student.

Few are those who dare test themselves, fewer still prevail.

ㅤ — Lord Cinderbottom in Twisted Sisters

Learning a difficult skill takes time, patience and practice. Also, it is very important to stay hydrated.

ㅤ — Lord Cinderbottom in NG+ ㅤ

Never play with fire. Unless you're a dragon; in that case you should play with fire twice a day to honor your ancestors.

ㅤ — Lord Cinderbottom in NG+ ㅤ

When eating spicy foods, remember that cool iced tea, in moderate quantities, can calm a rebellious gaster. Urp!

ㅤ — Lord Cinderbottom in NG+ ㅤ ㅤ

Peggle Nights

I have heard it said that the Order of the Flame exists only to burn, combust or set afire all which is flammable.

Haroom! We would not dream it so!

Control and mastery are our charge.

Thus, when disobedient flame escapes its bounds, we loyal adherents have no choice but to put aside our chai teas and act!

ㅤ — Lord Cinderbottom's introduction ㅤ

The FIREBALL burns a path through the board. Its mighty power is not for the timid.

ㅤ — Lord Cinderbottom in Inferno

Do not fear, burnable victims! Lord Cinderbottom hears the call.

ㅤ — Lord Cinderbottom in Water Wings

Quickly now, cats and kittens. Your safety awaits!

ㅤ — Lord Cinderbottom in Steppin' Out

And now I'll unhuff and unpuff and draw this fire away!

ㅤ — Lord Cinderbottom in Fire Eater

No need for gratitude, little ones. Service is its own reward.

ㅤ — Lord Cinderbottom in Letting Off Steam

Is it not strikingly ironic to see a dragon fighting fire?

ㅤ — Lord Cinderbottom after Stage 8 is cleared ㅤ

I would imagine my portrait should be higher up, given my general importance. But I shall keep my thoughts to myself.

ㅤ — Lord Cinderbottom in the Trophy Room ㅤ

Generally I refrain from prideful boasting, but I must admit I look rather striking in this hat!

ㅤ — Lord Cinderbottom in the Trophy Room ㅤ

Admiring your trophies, are you? Hmph! Though I do spend all day with them, so it is possible I am jaded.

ㅤ — Lord Cinderbottom in the Trophy Room ㅤ

I never knew my fellow Masters led such rich internal dream-lives!

ㅤ — Lord Cinderbottom in the Trophy Room ㅤ

Haroom! I knew the Ace Scores could not long resist a Master of the Flame!

ㅤ — Lord Cinderbottom when the player mouses over the Ace trophy ㅤ

Incendiary! Not a single peg can resist your Mastery!

ㅤ — Lord Cinderbottom when the player mouses over the All Clear trophy ㅤ

You rose to the Challenges, my student, and you let them know who was Master!

ㅤ — Lord Cinderbottom when the player mouses over the Challenge trophy ㅤ