Luna is a Peggle master introduced in Peggle 2.

Gravely Grove
Magic Power
Special Style Points
Ghost Touch (10,000 points)
First Appearance
Moonlight Passaway

Appearance Edit

By default, Luna has a grayish skin, dark blue hair, and black eyes with white glowing pupils. She wears a brownish gown and yellow moth-shaped hair bows that form her ponytails. She also has a black cloak, which she wears when using her ability. She appears to have no visible legs, or perhaps no legs at all.


"Nightshade transform blue pegs into ghost, making it easier to hit the orange pegs. It also resurrects previously destroyed pegs to shoot through for maximum score!"

Luna's ability is Nightshade, which allows her to turn blue pegs into "ghosts", making it easier to hit the orange ones, adding the blue "ghost pegs" to the score. It also "resurrects" previously destroyed blue pegs to shoot through for bonus score.


  • On "Happy Happy Hedges", It shows that Renfield is friends with her.
  • Little is known about where she came from, or how she in fact became a ghost.
    • It is hinted that she died when she was six.
  • In her trailer, you can see the same zombie hand from "Plants Vs. Zombies", 
    • According to the narrator, Luna doesn't know that she's a ghost. This is weird, since she appears to know that she is not alive. 
  • It is noted that her theme track is mixed with Kevin MacLeod's track "In the Hall of the Mountain King".