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ㅤ — Luna in Peggle 2 ㅤ

Luna is a Peggle Master introduced in Peggle 2.


Luna has grayish skin and black hair with ponytails; her eyes have white glowing pupils and black sclera. She wears a beige gown, yellow moth-shaped hair bows and a black cloak.

Magic Powers


Her power turns blue pegs into “ghost pegs”, making it easier to hit the orange ones while adding the blue “ghost pegs” to the score. It also temporarily “ressurects” previously destroyed blue pegs to shoot through for bonus score.

Special Style Points

  • Ghost Touch (10,000 pts) - Hit 18 ghostly blue pegs with a Nightshade shot.

Usage tips

  • Her power helps to line up your shots so that you hit two or more orange pegs on a turn. Only hitting one seems like a waste, unless it's one that was previously out of reach; in that case, it's worth a turn just to get it out of the way.


Peggle 2

5-01. Moonlight Passaway
5-02. Completely Safe Forest
5-03. Swamp of Totally Harmless Lights
5-04. Friendly Eyeballs!
5-05. Lamp That is Not Creepy
5-06. Cheerful Underground Hole
5-07. Cuddly Spider Who Loves You
5-08. Gate to Someplace Warm
5-09. Restful Repose
5-10. Luna's Bouquet


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  • Her theme track is mixed with the song “In the Hall of the Mountain King”, by classical musician Edvard Grieg.
  • She's the only human Peggle Master teacher, and also the only Peggle Master who's (un)dead.
  • Her concept was inspired by Lydia of Bettlejuice.
  • In the Nokia version of Peggle, Master Hu's magic power is different: it gives the ball the ability to pierce through blue pegs, hitting only orange pegs. It works pretty much like Luna's Nightshade.

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