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Marina is the eleventh and final Peggle Master in Peggle Nights, where she made her only appearance so far.

Am I dreaming? If I wasn't so squishy I'd pinch myself!

ㅤ — Marina in Peggle Nights ㅤ ㅤ


Marina is a purple squid with gray-ish turquoise eyes. She wears a dark cerulean cloak with star pattern and a high yellow collar attached. She also wears an azure lightning bolt pendant that seems to connect with the collar.

Magic Power


If Marina's power is activated, a grounding rod appears above the Free Ball Bucket. When the shot is taken, a bolt of lightning zaps from the first peg hit down to the grounding rod, lighting up pegs in between. Before the shot is taken, a moving shine of light on the pegs shows the rough path of the Electrobolt.

Special Style Points

  • Power Surge! (25,000 pts) - Hitting 2 green pegs in a single turn.
  • Shock it to Me! (25,000 pts) - Occurs when you light up 15 or more pegs with a single use of Electrobolt.

Usage Tips

  • Her power is best used later in the game, when the score multiplier is highest.


Peggle Nights

11-1. Jelly Jeopardy
11-2. Ouroboros
11-3. The Deep
11-4. Water Whirled
11-5. Diploma, See?


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  • Marina's name might have been based off of a main character in the famous playwright Shakespeare's play Pericles.
  • Her power was somewhat inherited by Batrina, as the Sonic Shriek has the same effect of Electrobolt.
  • Despite being in Peggle Nights, Marina does not appear in Peggle: Dual Shot.
  • In Plants vs. Zombies Heroes (Another game made by PopCap), there is a Super-rare Zombie trick card called Electrobolt that might be a reference to her superpower.
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