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In this page is listed everything Master Hu ever said in all the official, canon Peggle games.

Peggle Deluxe

Hoo! Who? Hu!

Yes, I am Hu, called Master Hu by some. Wander with me now as I hint at the mindful truths of the Zen Ball.

Our journey will take us to where we are meant to be. Or maybe next door. Close enough.

ㅤ — Master Hu's introduction ㅤ

It is a truth that if the green peg is struck, you will be blessed with Zen Ball for your next turn.

Zen Ball seeks harmony and goodness in all things. Omm...

ㅤ — Master Hu in Spin Cycle

In life there are many choices. Some are better than others.

Zen Ball achieves oneness with Peggle and improves the shot you were going to take.

ㅤ — Master Hu in The Dude Abides

Zen Ball works best when it has lots of options!

You can open these options to Zen Ball by aiming for a peg or the corner of a brick.

ㅤ — Master Hu in When Pigs Fly

Zen Ball is not all-powerful. It can only nudge your shot angle in a good direction.

But that nudge is usually enough!

ㅤ — Master Hu in Yang, Yin

The power of Zen Ball is to reveal your true potential!

Every ball can be a Zen Ball!

ㅤ — Master Hu in Zen Frog

A rock may stand for a thousand years and a single reed for only a day, yet neither of them have the money they owe me.

ㅤ — Master Hu in NG+ ㅤ

Consider the sound of one hand clapping. Now consider the sound of a tree falling in the forest. Now combine the two, add some cowbell and you've got yourself a hit record!

ㅤ — Master Hu in NG+ ㅤ

There are times when total serenity isn't enough. At such times I scarf a cheeseburger and fall asleep for the rest of the afternoon.

ㅤ — Master Hu in NG+ ㅤ ㅤ

Peggle Nights

Ever since I was a young owl
I bounced the silver ball
From Manchu down to Texas
I must have played them all

But rockin' is my one dream
I long to just cut loose
If I can tap my Peggle skills
Zen solos I'll produce!

ㅤ — Master Hu's introduction ㅤ

Through the power of mindfulness, my special ZEN BALL seeks order, peace and limitless scores.

ㅤ — Master Hu in Pick One

At this point in the meditation one must rock out utterly.

ㅤ — Master Hu in Turn it to Zen

Don't think about the judges or what it could mean, just sing.

ㅤ — Master Hu in Wild Thing

Forget the past. Ignore the future. Just sing.

ㅤ — Master Hu in Wild Thing


ㅤ — Master Hu in We Will Rock You

Okay, just one more... but only because you guys are the greatest fans in the cosmos!

ㅤ — Master Hu in Feel the Noize

Enlightenment comes with the purchase of not one but two tickets to paradise.

ㅤ — Master Hu after Stage 10 is cleared ㅤ

Nirvana can take many forms, some of which rock!

ㅤ — Master Hu in the Trophy Room ㅤ

Listen to the music of your heart. Next, add a drum track and some synth.

ㅤ — Master Hu in the Trophy Room ㅤ

In all things there is a silence. Well, except for a stadium full of 50,000 screaming fans.

ㅤ — Master Hu in the Trophy Room ㅤ

Yin. Yang. Yin. Yang. Hey, that's pretty catchy. Let me write that down.

ㅤ — Master Hu in the Trophy Room ㅤ

Completing those Ace Scores is a sign of serious illumination!

ㅤ — Master Hu when the player mouses over the Ace trophy ㅤ

You cleared all the pegs? How many reincarnations did it take?

ㅤ — Master Hu when the player mouses over the All Clear trophy ㅤ

Life is a series of challenges, Challenge Mode doubly so.

ㅤ — Master Hu when the player mouses over the Challenge trophy ㅤ