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Paw Reader is the first level of Stage Eleven in Peggle Deluxe’s Adventure Mode. To win this Master Level, you must clear all the orange pegs.


  • Consider spiral 1 as the one directly below from where the shooter is positioned, and name the others clockwisely. Hit the top peg on spiral 3 and try to bounce it in between spiral 1 and 2. From there, position your next shot correctly so you get a perfect slide on spiral 4. You may end up hitting some pegs on spiral 6.


  • This is one of the few Peggle levels without any circular pegs.
  • The amount of pegs/bricks here is exactly the same as the next level.
    • These two levels have the most amount of pegs/bricks out of any Peggle Deluxe level.
  • The level's raw filename is whirlpool.

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