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Peggle is a series of casual puzzle video games created by PopCap Games. The series currently consists for four main titles and two (official but non-canon) spin-offs.


The player is a newly enrolled student in the Peggle Institute, where they will learn the art of Peggling and put their skills to test through stunning levels and breathtaking challenges. But they're not alone in the adventure — headmaster Bjorn and other whimsical teachers — will assist the player with their magical powers!


Each Peggle level features an arrangement of approximately one hundred “pegs”, positioned to correspond with the level's background picture, inside of three walls on the top and sides (leaving the bottom opened), along with other fixed and moving features.

The goal of each level is to clear the board of the twenty-five random pegs that are turned orange at the start of the level, by using a ball launcher located at the top center of the screen to strike one or more of the pegs. Pegs light up when hit, and once the ball either falls through the bottom of the screen or is caught by the ball catcher (bucket) that moves back and forth along the bottom in a fixed manner, the pegs will be removed. Struck pegs are also removed if the ball is stuck on them.

Peggle Masters — characters with unique special abilities — assist the player through the game. Their “magic power” is activated when the player strikes one of the two randomly selected green pegs on the board.

Normally, the player begins each level with ten balls, but may earn more by either landing the ball in the bucket, or by earning high scores on single shots. In Peggle Blast, though, the number of balls depends on the level.

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Peggle Deluxe

Peggle Deluxe is the first installment of the Peggle franchise. It was released worldwide February 27, 2007, for PC, and was later ported to Mac, Nintendo DS, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and other platforms. According to PopCap, it has been downloaded more than 50 million times.

With the aid of 10 Peggle Masters, players face 55 levels on themed stages that fit each Master's background and personality, plus 75 fun challenges that might push the player's skills to their limits.


v - e
Peggle superlogo.png
BjornJimmyKat TutSplorkClaudeRenfieldTulaWarrenLord CinderbottomMaster Hu
Stage 1
PegglelandSlip and SlideBjorn's GazeboDas BucketSnow Day
Stage 2
Birdy's CribBuffalo WingsSkate ParkSpiral of DoomMr. Peepers
Stage 3
Scarab CrunchInfinite CheeseRa DealCroco-Gator PitThe Fever Level
Stage 4
The AmoebanThe Last FlowerWe Come in PeaceMaid in SpaceGetting the Spare
Stage 5
Pearl ClamInsane AquariumTasty WavesOur Favorite EelLove Story
Stage 6
Stage 7
Holland OatsI Heart FlowersWorkin From HomeTula's Ride70 and Sunny
Stage 8
Win a MonkeyDog PinballSpin AgainRoll 'EmFive of a Kind
Stage 9
The Love MoatDoom With a ViewRhombi9 Luft BalloonsTwisted Sisters
Stage 10
Spin CycleThe Dude AbidesWhen Pigs FlyYang, YinZen Frog
Stage 11
Paw ReaderEnd of TimeBillions & BillionsDon't PanicBeyond Reason
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Peggle Nights

Peggle Nights is the second installment of the Peggle franchise. It was released worldwide September 16, 2008, for PC, and was later ported to Mac, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

This time, all the Peggle Masters from the previous game return to assist the players on an oneiric trip in 60 brand new levels on themed stages that fit each Master's dream, and 60 new daring challenges. A new master appears as well, engaged on a personal journey to make her dreams come true!


v - e
Peggle (2).png
BjornJimmyRenfieldKat TutSplorkClaudeTulaLord CinderbottomWarrenMaster HuMarina
Stage 1 CrimewaveCall for HelpHorsepowerJust DessertsBjorn Identity
Stage 2 Experiment XBrrrzap!AntitoxicBreakthroughSmartiness
Stage 3 Scary NightSeasickNOOOOO!!!Twitching HourNowhere Stairs
Stage 4 Step Right UpParade!Me-YOWWWW!Jump the SquidDeath Defying
Stage 5 Bowl of DromeArrivanceLast BallExplodiousPerfectified
Stage 6 Pollution PicnicVast VisitorEiffel PowerOld FriendsAu Revoir
Stage 7 Founding FathersThe HengeMany MinaretsIt's a Dry HeatWallflower
Stage 8 InfernoWater WingsSteppin' OutFire EaterLetting Off Steam
Stage 9 X Marks the LootBeats DrivingTomb of DoomI Love CaratsGreat Ball of Ire
Stage 10 Pick OneTurn it to ZenWild ThingWe Will Rock YouFeel the Noize
Stage 11 Jelly JeopardyOuroborosThe DeepWater WhirledDiploma, See?
Stage 12 PsycloneWhy you Buggin'?Wyrm SignThe RisingShadowshine
Official Level Packs
Spring Fever Plants v. ZombiesThe GuardiansSpaint!To the LimitBlue Slough
Lolly DropBloomin'Magic HourTulip LeavesFluffy Sunnies
Holiday O Holey NightSlip Sleddin' AwayYuletide TreatsFestive FacultyWreathed
Art Contest Bucket RevisitedFun DeadCaykeePeggle 3DDynamic Two-Oh
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Peggle 2

Peggle 2 is the third installment of the Peggle franchise despite its name. In production since 2012, Peggle 2 was announced during the E3 2013 press conference and also as a timed exclusive for the Xbox One.

The player now goes on a new adventure, facing 60 new levels and 60 new trials. They meet several new masters with breathtaking powers and fun costumes who will assist them in the journey! Additionally, masters Jimmy and Windy can be acquired as DLC, bringing 20 more levels and 20 more trials.


v - e
Base Masters
Base Levels
Stage 1
Peggle Institute
Welcome to the InstituteBehold: Bricks!Green Pegs are Magic!Purple Pegs Provide PointsSlide It!
Bumpers B BumpinHappy Happy HedgesSuddenly CircularSustained GlassAdvantage: Armor
Stage 2
Mountain Highs
Take It Easy, DudeThrowing RocksZesty EnterpriseWater Under the BridgeOn Top of Old Smokey
Tied TogetherThe EaglesTripped on a CloudTacky TreethornsTrolled!
Stage 3
Winter Blunderland
FeetstepsSnowflukesIce SkirtingNot SpringsWater FluffsSpacey Curtains
Sky So SeriousThe SnowpeningFortress of Being Alone by MyselfSnow Friends of Mine
Stage 4
Gnorman's Gneighborhood
Unlimited PowerTotal Attack VortexMegasymmetrical ManifoldPotency Gears
Complete Puzzle MovementUnassailable Force ChainConveyance Belt
Absolute Feedback DialsObjective Advantage PulleySuper Fun Mystery Box!
Stage 5
Gravely Grove
Moonlight PassawayCompletely Safe ForestSwamp of Totally Harmless Lights
Friendly Eyeballs!Lamp That is Not CreepyCheerful Underground Hole
Cuddly Spider Who Loves YouGate to Someplace WarmRestful ReposeLuna's Bouquet
Stage 6
Celestial Realm
Egg... In... Spaaaace!The ChrysalisTime in MemorialGarlic of the Southern Sky
The Case of the Curious ConstellationSpider Loves SquareOctopeg Maximus
Celestial Mollusc PartyThe Great SnakeFancy Pantsy Hat!
DLC Masters
DLC Levels
Windy's Stage
Hallelujah Hollow
A Fair StartKnock KnockTwo BitesGrapes!Guest Rooms
PeekabooI Would FlyShoot the ChutesWindy with a Chance of Free BallsTiny Cozy
Jimmy's Stage
Jimmy's Jammin' Jaunt
The SwitchbackSick PipeRamp ItSwirliousTimecube
Buffalo ThingsGravity FallsOasis NiceMovin' Right Along!Super in Tentz
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Peggle Blast

Peggle Blast is currently the latest installment in the Peggle franchise. It was developed by PopCap Games and published by Electronic Arts, and released worldwide December 2, 2014, for iOS and Android.

Several new masters are introduced, such as Batrina, Roxy and Kablooey, and only four masters from previous games — Bjorn, Jimmy, Warren and Tula — return. So far, there are 208 levels.

The game's core mechanics were designed to make it work as a freemium mobile game, with paid power-ups, a life system and considerably harder levels.


v - e
Stage 1
Getting StartedHowdy!Super Guide, Go!The HatcheryLong Shots!
Hump DayFree BirdThe KeySpiral SlideDo TellBuffalo Wings
Gem DropsRainbow's EndThe LetterBreaking InSpinning Star
Stage 2
NutsBouncy Time!Burned!CupsICU
Pinata Party!TeeteringGem TreeRampsEgg Drop
Shuffled!Spiral of DoomExtinguisherIn One BasketSpider
Stage 3
Octo FussyRipplesLow TideCrabbyDepth Charges
Anchors AweighJellyfishDiving BellPropellersDeep Sea Creature
TentaclesSnorkelingVolcanic VentSchooled!Grasping
Stage 4
Bang Up Job!Gnome TroubleFlower GardenWindmillsBlossoming
RuffledSwoopsSoft LandingsSticky IckyOpen and Shut
Bombs n BlingSwingersBouncy HouseGears of BoreNoble Horn
Stage 5
Opening ActApplauseAriaEncoreOpera House
Dusk FlightImprovCurtain CallOvertureMezzanine
MicrophoneDivaChorusMeasuredFan the Flames
Stage 6
Scopin'Lotsa DeoxysEnergizedSpiraliciousAttack of the Orange
Mega Fried EggsSupernovaGalacticalX Marks the GemsStarbounce
BenzeneThe Eggs of ScienceHelicalVery ShieldedPer Sense
Stage 7
Candy!ResistanceChevronShockwaveDragon's Hoard
Short FuseCometsDealer's ChoiceFireball CircusVolcano
VortexConfettiInvadersBumpy RoadSad Clown
Stage 8
Swing ThingsFace the SpiderEgg UpErupter4 Slides
Bad CabinRiver RunGem JamJumpiesPerched Eggs
CampfireGemmy RingsTwo TreesBouncy OuncySpin Eyes
Stage 9
RollingPeakedWarp WrapSupportsTracks
Mine CartsHandcarCarapaceTunnel SlideSignal Lantern
Stage 10
Hive-y HolesPhoebeeEgg SacsBizzy BeeComb Home
Dew Drop InFlappy WingsDandelionsStingersRock n Roll
NectarIn and OutHoney TrapTic-Tac-DohBouquet
Stage 11
Upsy DownsySundialedFortified EggsFloweryTime It!
Sink SunkGems of TimeThe SqueezePerched Eggs 2Me Oh Fly
AbstractedSupergems!FloodedVersusSwirlin' Love
Stage 12
Magic WandJackpotBowtie BonanzaRoulette SpinJuicy Fruit
Egg CascadeDiamond RitzMagic Saw BoxTic Tac ToeSpiral Warp
Ten Little BirdsOn The RocksLucky 8 BallBunny BombsLucky Horseshoes
Stage 13
HandsomeSky GnomesMaster CrownLine DanceTemptation
WhirlygigGood and EvilBurning ManKing CastleHypnotic
Corporate LadderStraight DropHoof PrintsArchipelago on HighPinwheel Pleasantry
Stage 14
Zig ZagNuttyWavyQuillNotable
AtomicCarrot CakeCan Do!Good Prospects


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The monthly American magazine Wired awarded Peggle Nights as the #4 PC Game of 2008.[1] Peggle was nominated for the 2007 Game Developers Choice Awards for “Best Downloadable Game”, “Best Handheld Game” (for the iPod port), and “Innovation” awards.[2] The game was also nominated as the “Best Downloadable Game” for the 2007 Interactive Achievement Awards by the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences.[3] The Peggle franchise has won awards for its rich orchestral music and dynamic composition.[4]

Peggle appeared as #40 on the 2007 PC Gamer Magazine (UK) list of their 100 favorite computer games of all time;[5] and is considered by some critics to be an addictive game, with Forbes noting that it entices the user to play “just a few more minutes”.[6][7]

PopCap funded a study at East Carolina University which found that Peggle players experienced a “45% decrease in depression” in individuals under the age of 25.[8] Rock Paper Shotgun interpreted the same study more imaginatively, reporting: “Peggle was clear champ, improving the total ‘mood’ by 573% across all study subjects”.[9] Peggle, along with other PopCap games, were also found to help children with ADHD improve their attention span and memory recall, in a survey done by Information Solutions Group on behalf of PopCap.[10]