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Main menu


Peggle Extreme's main menu.

Peggle is the first installment of the Peggle series. In the game, you are being taught by 10 Peggle Masters, each with their own Magic Powers and advice to help you out. There are 4 different game modes: Adventure, Quick Play, Duel, and Challenge. Bjorn is the head of the Peggle Institute, and is the first Peggle Master you meet.

Peggle ExtremeEdit

Peggle Extreme is an Orange Box themed Peggle Deluxe yet Bjorn is the only character playable.

In the menu two striders are positioned in the background to Bjorn with a Half-Life headcrab on his head. The menu is similar to the first Peggle and the only notable difference is in the graphic(image).

List of Masters and Magic PowersEdit

Master Magic Power Description Usage
Bjorn Super Guide This power shows your ball's trajectory before you fire. Next 3 turns
Jimmy Lightning Multiball This power spawns another ball onto the board. On current turn
Kat Tut Pyramid This changes the Free Ball Bucket into a pyramid by making the edges wider, making it easier to get the ball into it. On current turn and next 5 turns
Splork Space Blast This explodes an area around the Green Peg, which lights up the pegs around it. On current turn
Claude Flippers This power puts two pinball flippers on the bottom corners of the screen, allowing the ball to be flipped back up onto the board. On current turn and next 3 turns
Renfield Spooky Ball This power causes the ball to return to the top of the screen after falling off the bottom, at the same place it fell out at. On current turn
Tula Flower Power This power turns 20% of the Orange Pegs on the screen into flowers, lighting them up. On current turn
Warren Lucky Spin This power spins a wheel, granting the player one of three possibilities: the Magic Hat ability, Triple Score, or a random Magic Power. Magic Hat: Next 2 turns
Triple Score: Next 2 turns
Lord Cinderbottom Fireball This power turns the ball into a fireball, which instantly destroys any pegs it hits. Next turn
Master Hu Zen Ball This power slightly adjusts the player's shot so it hits more pegs and gets the player a higher score. Next turn