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Peggle Institute

  • Long and Long — Get 2 Long Shots! Go from one orange peg to another far away for a Long Shot style shot!
  • The Skillz — Get 3 Free Ball Skillz style shots. Go off one peg and into the bucket for a Free Ball Skillz style shot! Bjorn's Super Guide will help!
  • Duo-Slide — Get 2 Extreme Slides. Slide for 12 or more pegs for an Extreme Slide style shot! The Super Guide flares when you've got one lined up!
  • Ridiculoso — Clear all pegs. Loop the loop-a-loop in one glorious shot! Bjorn's Super Guide will help you line it up!
  • Big Skillz — Get 3 Free Ball Skillz style shots. Go off one peg and into the bucket for a Free Ball Skillz style shot! Try it without Bjorn's Super Guide!
  • Wall-Off — Get 3 Off the Wall shots. Bounce off the wall and hit a non-blue peg a fifth of the way in for an Off the Way style shot!
  • Five Oh — Clear 50 orange pegs. Holy horse! Fifty orange pegs? This is an outrage!
  • Ultraviolet — Score over 500,000 points. Lots of purple pegs means way higher scores! Plus, Bjorn's Super Guide is always on!
  • Down Low — Beat the level under 175,000 points. Low ball trials are tricky! Try to avoid style shots, purple pegs and the 100K fever bucket!
  • Target Practice — Hit all 4 fast-moving pegs. Just like skeet shooting, except with balls and magical pegs!

Mountain Highs

  • Ten-Pin — Clear all pegs. If you're not a bowler, heads up: this is a bowling reference. Beat it starting with 3 balls!
  • Wreckoning — Get 1 Wrecking Ball style shot. Smash 15 pegs with Jeffrey's Bowlder for a Wrecking Ball style shot!
  • Orange Crush — Clear 40 orange pegs. More orange pegs means more challenge!
  • Bowling Blind — Clear all orange pegs with no aimer. Uh-oh... There's no aimer! Aim with your eyes!
  • Trollin' with Style — Get 5 style shots. Gotta have a generic style shot trial.
  • 10% of a Billion — Score over 1,000,000 points. A million points seems like a lot, but you get extra purple pegs and all the Bowlders you can eat!
  • Open Orange — Clear 45 orange pegs. Now's your chance to try some different masters to crush extra orange pegs!
  • At Least It's an Ethos — Beat the level under 175,000 points. I believe in nothing. Not even pegs.
  • The Circular Condition — Clear all pegs. Really all about crushing pegs. You get 3 Bowlders, but no free balls!
  • The Gorge — Score over 500,000 points. Maybe Jeffrey's good for this one, or... maybe not. Find out! Lots of extra green and purple pegs will help!

Winter Blunderland

  • Coldbricker — Clear all pegs. You get one Deep Freeze shot to clear the board. Remember, Berg's Deep Freeze lights up bricks on either side!
  • Frostbit — Get 1 Frostbite style shot. Use the Deep Freeze to chain at least 7 peg hits to get a Frostbite style shot.
  • Nice Ice, Baby — Clear all the pegs. You start this one with only 2 balls. Use Deep Freeze to put the hammer down on this trial!
  • Kool Katch — Get 1 Cool Catch style shot. Use Deep Freeze to knock a peg into the bucket for a Cool Catch style shot.
  • Orange Ice — Clear 40 orange pegs. We're overstocked on orange pegs.
  • Deep Freeze — Clear all orange pegs. You only get 5 balls to start. The good news? The Deep Freeze power is always on!
  • A Million Snowflakes — Score over 1 million points. Use the Deep Freeze chain reaction for this one!
  • Low It Down — Beat the level under 175,000 points. These low-ball trials are brain-twisty!
  • Buncha Orange — Clear 45 orange pegs. Which master will you choose? It's a mystery!
  • Cave O' Dreams — Score over 750,000 points. Feast on purple pegs and abundant magical power!

Gnorman's Gneighborhood

  • Zap 'Em! — Clear the orange pegs. Use 1 Uber Volt shot to zap the blocked orange pegs!
  • Discharged — Get 1 Major Discharge style shot. When the Uber Volt goes off 10 times, that's a Major Discharge style shot!
  • Orange Glow — Clear 40 orange pegs. For those instances when you just need more orange.
  • Maximum Overvolt — Clear all orange pegs. Five balls, with no free balls. But! The Uber Volt is ever-raging.
  • Colonel Discharge — Get 2 Major Discharge style shots. When the Uber Volt goes off 10 times, that's a Major Discharge style shot! Get two of them!
  • Short Circuit — Clear all pegs. You only have one shot! Make the Uber Volt go boom-boom-boom!
  • Gnome Style — Get 5 style shots. Celebrate! It's another style shot trial.
  • Orange Box — Clear 45 orange pegs. Can you do it? Is it possible? Is there a Peggle Master powerful enough to prevail?
  • Low Amps — Beat the level under 175,000 points. Your normal Peggle instincts work against you.
  • Machine Dream — Score over 500,000 points. Extra greens. Extra purples. Any master. Peggle bards will forever sing of your glory!

Gravely Grove

  • Dark World — Score over 750,000 points. The Nightshade power is always active. It's eerie and advantageous at the same time!
  • Deeper Shade — Clear all orange pegs. You start with only 6 balls, but eternal Nightshade will help you earn more!
  • Leap of Life — Clear all pegs. You have one Nightshade shot to wipe out all the pegs. Terrifying!
  • Armor Mysterious — Clear all orange pegs. The Nightshade power tears through armored blue pegs like they're not even there.
  • Orange Shroud — Clear 35 orange pegs. It's an oranger, more colorful shroud than most.
  • Underground — Beat the level under 175,000 points. Don't let those ghostly resurrected pegs blow up your score!
  • A Paler Green — Clear all orange pegs. There's only one green peg to light up the night.
  • Touchy Ghosts — Get 3 Ghost Touch style shots. Hit 18 pegs on a Nightshade shot to get the Ghost Touch style shot!
  • Orange Party — Clear 45 orange pegs. Use any master to destroy an inflated number of orange pegs!
  • Rose Garden — Score over 750,000 points. Roses are beautiful, but so are hundreds of thousands of green-and-purple-assisted points.

Celestial Realm

  • Classic Helix — Clear 30 orange pegs. Old-skool Pegglers may remember this layout.
  • Maestro Bounce — Clear all orange pegs. Use superior bumper skills to take out fiendish blocked pegs!
  • No Free Lunch — Clear all orange pegs. Free balls sure are great! Too bad you don't get any!
  • Rubber Needle — Clear all orange pegs. There's only one peg... But what a peg!
  • Seven in Style — Get 7 style shots! So many style shots! So many ways to get seven of them!
  • Orange Overflow — Clear 40 orange pegs. A profusion of orange pegs arises to challenge your mastery!
  • Shooting in the Dark — Clear all orange pegs. How's your eye? Good enough to shoot without the aimer?
  • Huge Honking Shot Score — Get over 250,000 points in one shot. Can you get 250,000 points in one shot? Well, now you have to!
  • The Precipice — Clear all orange pegs. You get 1 ball to start. Can you claw your way back from the abyss with extra green and purple?
  • No Love — Clear all orange pegs. Another no-aimer trial! Why do trials have to be so trying?

DLC Trials

Hallelujah Hollow

  • 5 Million Points of Light — Beat the level over 5,000,000 points. Get 5 million points. Impossible? Not if you believe!
  • Fiesta Feasta — Get 1 Fairy Fiesta style shot. Fairy Pegs love to be hit with balls! Give them all your love by hitting all 8 for a Fairy Fiesta style shot!
  • Orange Sunshine — Clear 35 orange pegs. Additional pegs are orange. Thus, you are challenged!
  • Eyes Closed — Clear all orange pegs. Not having the aimer sure makes thing tougher!
  • By Score Alone — Clear all orange pegs. No bucket, no worries! Use Fairy Flock to earn free balls with points.
  • Greener Pastures — Score over 750,000 points. Extra green pegs make achieving high scores plausible!
  • Orange Outrage — Clear 45 orange pegs. Orange pegs are everywhere! Hit them with metal balls!
  • Shot Score Extraordinaire — Get 150,000 points in a single shot. Can you use Fairy Flock for a hugely high-scoring shot?
  • Teeny Tiny Fairies — Beat the level under 200,000 points. Yep, it's a low ball trial. We had to have at least one!
  • Enormous Purps — Get 4 Big Purps style shots. Hit 3 Fairy Pegs in a shot for a Big Purps style shot. Now get four of them!

Jimmy's Jammin' Jaunt

  • Multi Many Multi — Clear all pegs. You've got one shot to clear all the pegs. Luckily, many balls will help!
  • The Madness — Get 1 Multiball Madness style shot. If only a peg layout could be contrived to make this style shot simple to attain!
  • Tubular Orange — Clear 35 orange pegs. It's an excess of orange pegs in a vaguely tube-shaped layout!
  • Big Shot — Get 150,000 points in a single shot. It's called “Big Shot” because you must score many points in a shot, making it “big”!
  • Frenzy for Freedom! — Get 1 Free Ball Frenzy style shot! Get 2 or more balls in the bucket for a Free Ball Frenzy style shot... for freedom!
  • Blind Gopher — Clear all orange pegs. Ha! This one's not so easy with no aimer, is it? You'll have to aim... with your eyes!
  • Totally Cubular! — Score over 750,000 points. 750,000 points? Impossible! I mean, sure, you get extra green and purple, but still...
  • Ball Drought — Clear all orange pegs. Remember that crazy first level? Well, now you gotta do it with no free balls!
  • The Lowest — Beat the level under 200,000 points. Even carefree Jimmy Lightning must inflict a low ball trial on innocents every so often.
  • Orange Sunset — Clear 45 orange pegs. It's Jimmy's final trial, and you get to use any master! Why, this is wonderful news!

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