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Peggle Blast
Peggle Blast
PopCap Games
Electronic Arts (publisher)
Puzzle Games
Release date
December 2, 2014
Current version
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Peggle Blast is currently the newest puzzle game in the Peggle series which was released on December 2, 2014. It is available to play on Android and iOS devices. This game will introduce the four Masters from the Peggle, who are Bjorn, Jimmy Lightning, Tula and Warren, as well as introduce new Masters, such as Pearl and Batrina. The Objective, as with the other games in the Peggle Series, Is to fire balls at orange and blue pegs, hitting all of the orange ones in the level without running out of balls. The more points you get, the more stars at the end of the level. At the end of each chapter, there is a battle between you, and the protagobist Fnord , Bjorn's evil brother. In these battles there are two levels and objectives. The first is to clear all the pegs as in a normal level, and then to have a game with Fnord. To win you need to score more points and then you can move on to the next chapter

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Description Edit

Take your best shot with a blend of luck, skill, and joyous thrills in Peggle™ Blast! Clear the orange pegs as you rack up bonus points, and hit style shots that’ll make you smile for weeks. Learn from Peggle Masters and harness their powers to score big in peg-popping challenges. From the makers of Bejeweled™ and Plants vs. Zombies™ comes the newest PopCap game, bursting with character, charm, and fun. Join the millions who adore the magic of Peggle. Aim for greatness!
Bring the joy anywhere, anytime with easy-to-use controls and unpredictable gameplay. It’s an exuberant ball-and-peg blasting puzzler everyone can enjoy, but only the magical will master.
Bounce your way to fun with every high stakes shot and mighty near miss. Pop orange pegs to reach the explosive joy of Extreme Fever. Compete against friends while you progress – and send them sparkling gifts! The action never gets stale thanks to peg-gooping gnomes, gem drops, time bombs, brilliant boosts, and triumphant rainbows.
Immerse yourself in an evolving, wondrous map full of glittering worlds, including Pearl the octopus’s sunken pirate ship and Madame Batrina’s cave opera hall. Win big and experience over-the-top reward moments, enhanced by a majestically dynamic soundtrack that sings with each shot.
Meet mystical Peggle Masters and learn to use their extraordinary powers, like Bjorn the unicorn’s Super Guide, or Jimmy Lightning’s nuttarific multiball, to rack up legendary scores. Then test your skills with head-to-head matches against the Evil Master Fnord (Bjorn’s mischievous brother). Aim! Shoot! Score!

List of Masters and Magic Powers Edit

Master Magic Power Description Usage
Bjorn Super Guide This power shows your ball's trajectory before you fire. Next 3 turns
Jimmy Lightning Multiball This power spawns another two balls onto the board. On current turn
Pearl Spawn Shooters This power creates two ball shooters on the left and right sides of the screen. When the ball lands in one, it can be controlled and shot back out in any direction. On current turn and next 2 turns
Kablooey Kablooey This power lights up all nearby pegs whenever a Blue Peg is hit. Next turn
Batrina Sonic Shriek This power lights up all pegs in a line from where the ball will first hit to the Free Ball Bucket. Next turn
Shelldon Slimeball This power turns the ball into a shell with a thick layer of slime around it. The slime lights up any pegs it hits, as well as sticking the ball to them. Slime also drips off of pegs hit, lighting up pegs beneath. Next turn
Warren Lucky Spin This power randomly selects Kablooey, Batrina, or Shelldon to be the master used in the level. Before level starts
Roxy Soda Pop This power turns the ball into a soda can that gets larger every time it hits a peg. The soda can can instantly light up armored pegs, and explodes lighting up all nearby pegs once it gets large enough or hits a fire ball. Next turn
Buddy Draggable Bucket This power turns the Free Ball Bucket into the Draggable Bucket which can be dragged back and forth by the player using their finger. When the ball goes in the Draggable Bucket, a rocket is launched out of the bucket three seconds later, lighting up all pegs above it. On current turn and next turn
Phoebee Bee Bee Gun This power launches five balls at once, each of which can destroy armored pegs in one hit. Next turn
Tula Sunburst This power launches the ball, then taps the screen, It will light up the pegs in radius. Next turn Fnord Superior Guide This power shows your longer and burning ball's trajectory before you fire. Next 2 turns

Tula Sun burst

Ball with a large radius. When you tap the ball, it takes out all pegs within its radius.

Update history Edit

  • February 24, 2015: Version 2.3.0 was released, introducing Buddy, a new Master, and 15 new levels.
  • March ?, 2015: Version 2.4.0 was released, introducing Phoebee and the new Popfrogs. And special levels of St. Patrick's Day are become playable.
  • April 6, 2015: Version 2.5.0 was released with the return of Tula and with new Magic Power, Sunburst, and 15 new levels.

Glitches Edit

See Peggle Blast Glitches.

Order of events Edit

The player starts the game with the first level, Getting Started. Once the player beats it, he or she will go to the next level, Howdy!. Bjorn appears and greets the player. When the player starts to play Do Tell, which is the ninth level, he or she will meet Fnord who is Bjorn's brother. The player will meet him again in The Letter, which the level removes the free ball bucket, then in Spinning Star to battle with him. Once finished, Bjorn will help you unlock the further levels. The player will meet new Masters in their progress.

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