138. Egg Sacs
Peggle Blast Level 138
Get 100,000 points!
Hatch all the eggs!
1 Star
2 Stars
3 Stars
Easy Easy Medium
100,000 200,000 300,000
Peggle Blast
Pegs (available)
    Egg Level Phoenix Eggs
    Available balls
    First Master
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    Regular Level
    Regular Level
    137. Phoebee 139. Bizzy Bee

    Egg Sacs is the 138th level of Peggle Blast. For the first time playing this level, you must control Phoebee unless you use real money to switch another master. To win this level, you hatch 10 Phoenix Eggs and get 100,000 score. There are a lot of armored pegs in this level. The position of green pegs change each time you restart the level. If you hatch all 10 Phoenix Eggs, Extreme Fever will be activated, or Ultra Extreme Fever if you clear all the pegs, including blue pegs.

    Analysis Edit

    • This is an easy level, since Phoebee's Bee Bee Gun can instantly hatch the Phoenix Eggs and hit the armored pegs.
    • With a huge amount of balls, you should have more chances to win this level.

    Tips Edit

    To win Edit

    • Try to hit at least one green peg. Use Phoebee's power to hatch the eggs.

    To earn more stars Edit

    • Try to save balls.
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