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Peggle Nights is a casual puzzle videogame developed by PopCap Games, and the second installment of the Peggle franchise. It was released worldwide September 16, 2008, for PC, and was later ported to Mac, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


Play the next episode of the peg-busting phenomenon from PopCap!

Stay up late to aim, shoot and clear the orange pegs from 60 wild, dreamscape levels and bask in Extreme Fever glory under the silver moon. Meet the Peggle Masters’ alter egos and wield 11 Magic Powers, and then try the ultimate Peggle test — 60 Grand Master challenges!

The fun doesn’t end there. Take a brain break in Quick Play mode, compete against friends or the computer in Duel, and add to the action with downloadable Bonus Levels. Plus, you can celebrate your Peggle prowess with Instant Replay and a Trophy Room![1][2]


Gameplay for Peggle Nights has remained similar to the first Peggle game, although additional types of style shots (such as Off the Wall and Eye of the Pyramid), Ace Scores, a new Master and a proper Trophy Room have been added.

There are 4 different game modes: Adventure, Quick Play, Duel, and Challenge.

Additionally, the player is now able to install level packs to the game's folder. PopCap released three official packs: Spring Fever, Holiday and Art Contest.

List of Masters and Powers

Bjorn Unicorn Jimmy Lightning
Power: Super Guide
3 turns, activates next turn

Shows which way your ball will bounce!
Power: Multiball
Activates on current turn only

Throws another ball into the mix!
Renfield Pumpkin Kat Tut
Power: Spooky Ball
Activates on current turn only

Causes the ball to spookily reappear at the top of the screen after falling out the bottom.
Power: Pyramid
5 turns, activates on current turn

Attaches an ancient pyramid to the ball bucket!
Splork Sporkan Claude Lobster
Power: Space Blast
Activates on current turn only

Uses super advanced alien technology to light up all nearby pegs!
Power: Flippers
3 turns, activates on current turn

Lets you hit the ball like a game where there's a ball and you hit it with flippers!
Tula Sunflower Lord Cinderbottom
Tula p nights.png
Power: Flower Power
Activates on current turn only

Uses the power of flowers to light up 20% of remaining orange pegs!
Power: Fireball
Activates next turn only

Big Ball of Fire goes through all pegs!
Warren Rabbit Master Hu
Power: Lucky Spin
Magic Hat & Triple Score last for 2 turns

Win either a Magic Hat, Triple Score or a random Magic Power!
Power: Zen Ball
Activates next turn only

Improves your shot through the power of mindfulness!
Power: Electrobolt
Activates next turn only

Energy arcs from the first peg to the Free Ball Bucket!



The monthly American magazine Wired awarded Peggle Nights as the #4 PC Game of 2008.[3]

Approbation towards aspects of the original Peggle were prominent in reviews of Peggle Nights, such as its “balanced” gameplay,[4][5] level design,[6][7] addictive nature,[8][9][10] and vibrant presentation.[11][12] The fact of Peggle Nights being simply the same Peggle game with different levels and added features was praised by some reviewers,[13][14][15][16][17] but lukewarmly-thought-of by others.[18]

Michael Scarpelli of Inside Mac Games called Peggle Nights's levels “far more intricate than in the original Peggle. There are moving pieces and barriers abound and there are a far greater percentage of levels that will take a handful of tries to pass.”[19] The Ace awards were also honored by reviewers,[20] including Scarpelli who reasoned they added replay value to Peggle Nights.[21]

The dream aspect of the game “makes for some great new background art, and some opportunities for quirky humor as well,” according to Game Revolution;[22] and the dreams were “sweet and unpredictable,” in Eurogamer's Jon Blyth's opinion.[23] A couple of reviewers particularly spotlighted Tula's story for its emotional engagement,[24] Steve Hogarty of GamesRadar+ writing that “few games approach such subject matter, and fewer still with such gravitas.”[25] Scarpelli praised the dream concept for giving a variety of backgrounds that added a “particular flair” to the peg placement.[26]

Review Scores

The A.V. Club A- 91%
Worth Playing 8.8/10 88%
IGN 8.4/10 84%
1UP A- 91%
Wired 8/10 80%
PC Zone (Dec 2008, p.66) 8/10 80%
Eurogamer 6/10 60%
Game Revolution 83 83%


  • The opening theme is Clair de Lune, Suite bergamasque No. 3, composed by classical musician Claude Debussy.
  • Anyone can create level packs through PeggleEdit, an unofficial tool developed by programmer Ted John.

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  • If you're experiencing trouble to launch the game on Steam because of error “Unable to load Steam.dll”, go to your Steam folder, copy Steam.dll and paste it on Steam\steamapps\common\Peggle Nights. Then go to the Steam\bin folder and delete the file steamservice.exe. Everything should work fine now.



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