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Initiate Challenges

Earn bragging rights amongst fellow Peggle Nights trainees!

Orange Crush

Beat levels that have more orange pegs instead of the normal 25!

  • 35 Power Naps — Clear 35 orange pegs in Brrrzap! to win.
  • 40 Sleepwalkers — Clear 40 orange pegs in Eiffel Power to win.
  • 45 Dreamscapes — Clear 45 orange pegs in Ouroboros to win.
  • 50 Daydreams — Clear 50 orange pegs in Letting Off Steam to win.
  • 55 Nightmares — Clear 55 orange pegs in Death Defying to win.

Lucky Number 7

Start with 7 shots to score the required points!

Power Plays

These challenges test your skills at using powerups in unique ways!

  • Fire with Fire — Beat Water Wings with only 6 Fireballs.
  • Hu's Your Daddy? — Score 100,000 points in Wild Thing with just 3 Zen shots. No free balls!
  • 150,000 Pyramid — Score 150,000 points in It's a Dry Heat with only 5 balls and the Pyramid.
  • Zapped! — Beat Jelly Jeopardy with only 3 Electrobolts.
  • Show Me the Bunny — Get 200,000 points with 5 Magic Hat shots in Great Ball of Ire. The bucket is covered!

Stylistic Challenges

Weird challenges with themes to test your skills!

  • Back in Style — Score 200,000 style points in Parade!.
  • Long Distance Call — Get 5 Long Shot, Super Long Shot, or Double Long Shot style shots in Horsepower.
  • Peggle Lifestyle — Get 6 unique style shots in Tomb of Doom.
  • Strike! — Clear 10 orange pegs in Explodious starting with only 1 ball.
  • Scientastic! — Find the cure by beating Experiment X, Brrrzap! and Breakthrough with only 15 balls.

The Duelists

Beat Hard computer opponents in Duel Mode!

Duel of the Greats

Beat Master computer opponents in Duel Mode!

Multilevel Challenge

Beat multiple levels in a row!

  • Perchance 2 Dream — Beat two random levels in a row.
  • 3, 2, 1! Go! — Beat three random levels in a row.
  • 4 Score and... — Beat four random levels in a row.
  • ...5 Levels Ago — Beat five random levels in a row.
  • 6 Feet, I Fathom — Beat six random levels in a row.

Multilevel Score Challenge

Beat a target total score over three levels!

Pinball and Low Ball

Try Peggle-style pinball or try to keep your score low!

  • Flipper Magic — Score 500,000 points in The Rising with Flippers, Pyramid, and 3 Fireballs. No free balls!
  • Flipped Out! — Score 400,000 points in Scary Night with Flippers, Pyramid, and just 1 Fireball. No free balls!
  • Pinball Wizard — Beat We Will Rock You with Flippers, Pyramid, and 3 Fireballs. No free balls!
  • Under Where? — Beat Many Minarets but stay under 150,000 points.
  • Undercover — Beat Call for Help but stay under 125,000 points.

Fewer Balls Challenge

Beat levels starting with fewer balls!

  • Seventh Heaven — You only have 7 balls to beat Jump the Squid.
  • Sixth Sense — You only have 6 balls to beat Pick One.
  • Fifth Avenue — You only have 5 balls to beat Wallflower.
  • Fourth Dimension — You only have 4 balls to beat Twitching Hour.
  • Third Time's a...? — You only have 3 balls to beat Antitoxic.

Insane Challenges

These are the hardest challenges offered by the Peggle Institute!

  • 2 Balls Left — You only have 2 balls to beat Bjorn Identity.
  • Last Ball — You only have 1 ball to beat NOOOOO!!!.
  • 15 Ball Trial — Beat Crimewave, Seasick and Jump the Squid starting with only 15 balls.
  • 750,000? — Score over 750,000 points on the level of your choice.
  • The Decathlon — Beat ten random levels in a row.

DLC Challenges

Spring Challenges

Spring into action with these new challenges!

Holiday Challenges

Happy holidays from PopCap Games!

  • 50 Snowballs — Clear 50 orange pegs in Slip Sleddin' Away to win.
  • O Peggle Tree — Clear all orange pegs and score 100,000 points in O Holey Night.
  • Pick Up the Peace — Get 8 Pyramid Pickup (off the Pyramid & into the bucket) style shots in Festive Faculty.
  • Marina's (Yule)tide — Defeat Marina in a Master difficulty duel in Wreathed.
  • Swans A-Swimmin' — Score 350,000 points in Yuletide Treats with 7 shots.
  • Mantle Peace — Help Bjorn cook Yuletide Treats using 3 Fireballs with Magic Hats!
  • Below Freezing — Beat Festive Faculty but stay under 100,000 points.
  • Wee Three Things — Score 1,333,333 points in Slip Sleddin' Away with Triple Score and 3 balls!
  • The Holiday Spirit — Clear all of the pegs in O Holey Night with Renfield and his Spooky Ball.
  • Winner Won'erland' — Score more than a million points over the five Holiday levels.

Art Contest Challenges

Contest your skills with these new challenges!

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