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The Peggle series is a puzzle game series created by PopCap Games. They are simple games in which the player will have a certain number of available balls and will have hit the pegs on the screen by firing those balls! The more pegs you hit, the more score you get! If the ball gets inside the Free Ball Bucket, the player will get a free ball! The goal is to hit all the orange pegs to get an Extreme Fever and beat the level.

Peggle Masters are characters in the games who help the player on their journey to becoming a Peggle Master. If the player hits a green peg on the screen, they will activate their Peggle Master's Magic Power! Each Peggle Master has a different Magic Power, so use them wisely!

Peggle games are available on many devices. The first game was the original Peggle, which was released in 2007.

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Renfield is a living pumpkin who is usually carried by a zombie (not named). Renfield is also a member of the Peggle Institute and he is the 6th character you play as in Peggle's Adventure Mode. Read more...

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