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Please note that rule punishments may vary based on the severity of the issue and past violations done by the suspected user.

  • In accordance to COPPA, users under the age of 13 are not allowed to be editors on the wiki.
    • If an user is revealed to be underage, please calmly report it with evidence to an administrator.
  • Spamming and vandalism is highly forbidden. You will get blocked immediately without warning.
    • Spamming is when you disturb the Wiki, for example: using caps lock words too much in comments, putting non-canon information on articles, repeating the same comment lots of times, etc.
    • Vandalism is the action when you destroy the Wiki on purpose, for example: blanking an article/page or writing random stuff over it, posting NSFW comments, etc.
  • Observe civil behavior; do not argue, insult, threaten, harass, purposefully offend, or disrespect users or their opinions.
  • No bullying of any kind. This includes content of the above point and other things such as mockery, trolling, ostracizing, etc.
    • This also includes hate speech, the use of ethnic slurs, or any other form of discrimination or racism.
    • Users found to bully others, even outside the wiki, are subject to banning.
  • Do not create articles, templates and/or categories without the permission of an administrator.
  • If you're going to edit an article, use your proper grammar.
  • Do not put your opinions or speculation to the mainspace articles.
  • Do not create articles about rumors, gossip or upcoming features of the Wiki. Please go to our forum to discuss about it.
  • No swearing. Words such as damn, crap or “WTH” are acceptable, but not allowed to be used excessively. If you are unsure about what is acceptable or not, feel free to ask a staff member if a word is allowed or not.
    • Acronyms and abbreviations that are typically known to contain any of the prohibited profanity are not allowed. To the Peggle Wiki staff, it is the same as saying the entire word.
  • Do not impersonate or pose as a member of the game dev crew.
  • Do not share any illegal download links, cracks and/or modified applications.
  • Respect the staff when they ask you to stop doing something harmful or disruptive.
  • Sock puppetry is prohibited.
    • The general rule is one editor, one account.
    • Do not use multiple accounts to mislead, deceive, or disrupt; to create the illusion of greater support for a position; to stir up controversy; or to circumvent a block.
    • Do not ask friends or family to create accounts to support your opinion/edit.
    • Exemptions to this rule may be granted so long as only one registered account is used to access and edit the wiki at any one time, and as long as it is clearly stated on the account userpages that the accounts are linked. Please contact an administrator for further conditions regarding this rule.
    • Violation of this policy will result in a block (possibly permanent) against the "main" account, and permanent blocks for all inappropriate socks.

Comment Guidelines

  • Follow the general regulations of the wiki above.
  • Be on-topic.
  • Do not spam in your messages.
  • Do not advertise other wikis or your own content.

File Policy

  • All uploaded files must be used somewhere on the wiki. If unused, it will be subject to deletion by an admin or image controller.
  • Only upload appropriate content.
  • Any files that are unofficial and/or non-canon to the Peggle franchise, such as fan-art and edited files, must either be posted on a blog, user page, board thread, or talk page. Unused, but official concepts are exempted from this rule.

Community Creations

  • Refrain from adding fanon content to the articles, like OCs and headcanon storylines.
  • If you're willing to share your fanmade level pack, post them through the wiki's Blog Post feature!
    • Before sharing, make sure your levels have no obscene reference, no disturbing imagery (e.g., creatures from horror movies) and no depiction of blood and gore. Violations of this specific rule will be immediately punished with permanent block.
  • If you want your level pack to be featured on the wiki's Community Drive, make sure to write (Made for Peggle Wiki!) at the end of the stages' description! Please note that this addition is 100% optional, not obligatory.

Privacy & Safety

  • For your own safety, it's recommended that you do not post personal information about yourself, such as your school, home address, etc.
  • Remember, anything on this website can be seen by anyone on the internet, so please consider this before expressing yourself to the community.