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Phoebee is a character and master in Peggle Blast.


She is a queen bee with golden hair, and wears a yellow and black dress as well as a gold tiara, and four yellow high heeled shoes. She always holds a wand-like stick in her hand.

Bee Bee Gun

The Bee Bee Gun is Phoebee's green peg power, which is active after the turn the player hits a green peg using her. Next turn, the player will be able to shoot four "bees", which are in fact balls. They work like as normal balls, but they can directly hit goop and armored pegs, and instantly hatch eggs. However, they cannot instantly take out the fireballs.


Peggle Blast

136. Hive-y Holes
137. Phoebee
138. Egg Sacs
139. Bizzy Bee
140. Comb Home
141. Dew Drop In
142. Flappy Wings
143. Dandelions
144. Stingers
145. Rock n Roll
146. Nectar
147. In and Out
148. Honey Trap
149. Tic-Tac-Doh
150. Bouquet


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