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Shelldon is a character and master in Peggle Blast.


Shelldon is a snail that is a scientist, he wears a lab coat and has a mustache.


This power turns the ball into a shell with a thick layer of slime around it. The slime lights up any pegs it hits, as well as sticking the ball to them. Slime also drips off of pegs hit, lighting up pegs


Peggle Blast

76. Scopin'
77. Lotsa Deoxys
78. Energized
79. Spiralicious
80. Attack of the Orange
81. Mega Fried Eggs
82. Supernova
83. Galactical
84. X Marks the Gems
85. Starbounce
86. Benzene
87. The Eggs of Science
88. Helical
89. Very Shielded
90. Per Sense