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In this page is listed everything Splork ever said in all the official, canon Peggle games.

Peggle Deluxe

Greetings, aspiring Pegglenaut! My task is to expound on explodious Space Blast for furious fulguration and fabulous firework!

Many pegs will be sparkily dismissed and points will accrue at the speed of shock! Set ocular eyes to “See” and we shall launch our lesson!

ㅤ — Splork's introduction ㅤ

Blorp! Powers are Magical!

Hit green peg for Space Blast cosmic explodation!

ㅤ — Splork in The Amoeban

Doop! Waiting for a particular shot?

Righty-clicky speeds up the board!

ㅤ — Splork in The Last Flower

Greep! Sometimes blue pegs block good shots to orange!

Hit blues to clear away the way!

ㅤ — Splork in We Come in Peace

Gurp! Purple peg changes place after every shot!

Points are plenty if you catch purple peg with Space Blast!

ㅤ — Splork in Maid in Space

Gloop! Clear more orange pegs early on.

Focus on single trickies last!

ㅤ — Splork in Getting the Spare

When activating clone-slice process, always measure bio-gels in separate containers!

ㅤ — Splork in NG+ ㅤ

Blurp! Extend friendcraft to enemizing do-bads for maximum nice!

ㅤ — Splork in NG+ ㅤ

Peggle enjoyment extends to far reaches of spacetime. Even Tacoma!

ㅤ — Splork in NG+ ㅤ ㅤ

Peggle Nights

Blurk! Your Earthball is strangely stuffed with oddments and weirdosity!

So different and confusing from the placid stills and planar sheets of Sporkan landiculture!

But your Pin-Bowling is magical! So round and ballious, like Peggle!

By day I play. But moontime this skull is filled with imagines of the perfectified game!

ㅤ — Splork's introduction ㅤ

Gork! Use splendiferous SPACE BLAST to uplight pegs all around the green!

ㅤ — Splork in Bowl of Drome

Doot! The fountainstone of success is to wear the splendacular shirt!

ㅤ — Splork in Arrivance

Fling! This ball-launching could be the ball of all!

ㅤ — Splork in Last Ball

Fabam! Total spheroidal contact with maximum collidal impact!

ㅤ — Splork in Explodious

Poom! Ultimate perfectification is accomplished!

ㅤ — Splork in Perfectified

Three hundreds achieved! Now, what is this thing you Earthians call “golf”?

ㅤ — Splork after Stage 5 is cleared ㅤ

Irk! Can one portrait contain all this splendid bowliferousness?

ㅤ — Splork in the Trophy Room ㅤ

Birp! Spherodicity is excellently to be pursued!

ㅤ — Splork in the Trophy Room ㅤ

Lork! Portraiture brings out the best!

ㅤ — Splork in the Trophy Room ㅤ

Barp! I feel I am exploding!

ㅤ — Splork in the Trophy Room ㅤ

Zorn! Revel in your shiniferous trophiance!

ㅤ — Splork in the Trophy Room ㅤ

Burk! Aurous cylinders symbolize shocking skill!

ㅤ — Splork when the player mouses over the Adventure trophy ㅤ