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Such a sunny day! What? You say it's raining? Well, even a rainy day can be sunny with the right perspective!

ㅤ — Tula in Peggle Deluxe ㅤ

Tula is a Peggle Master. She is a member of the Peggle Institute, and the 7th character to be introduced in the series overall. After Peggle and Peggle Nights, she reappears in Peggle Blast with a new magic power called Sunburst.


Tula has the appearance of an anthropomorphic sunflower. Her structure has an orange-brown disc floret, yellow petals and a green stem, plus two leaves that are used as hands. Tula's always portrayed wearing a reddish lipstick.

In Peggle Blast, Tula wears a translucent light-blue raincoat and a red rain hat with a small yellow flower over it. She also wields a red umbrella with a silver shaft.

Magic Powers

Flower Power

Tula's Flower Power in action.

In Peggle and Peggle Nights, Tula's power lights up orange pegs around the green pegs you hit. When this event happens, little smiley flowers light 20% of the remaining orange pegs on the level (the closest ones to the green peg).


In Peggle Blast, Tula's power lights up a concentrated ring of sunlight to fill the shot following the activation of a green peg, similar to the Ring of Fire's circle. Upon the tap of the screen, the area will explode with sunlight causing all pegs in the lighted area to transform into flowers; thus activating them for the progression of the level.

Special Style Points

  • Petal to the Metal (25,000 pts) - Hit both green pegs in one single turn.

Usage tips

  • Tula's Flower Power is best used early in the stage since it clears 20% of the existing pegs.
  • She's a good master to beat the Challenge Levels that require 35/45/55 orange pegs cleared instead of the usual 25.



7-1. Holland Oats
7-2. I Heart Flowers
7-3. Workin From Home
7-4. Tula's Ride
7-5. 70 and Sunny

Peggle Nights

7-1. Founding Fathers
7-2. The Henge
7-3. Many Minarets
7-4. It's a Dry Heat
7-5. Wallflower

Peggle Blast

151. Upsy Downsy
152. Sundialed
153. Fortified Eggs
154. Flowery
155. Time It!
156. Sink Sunk
157. Gems of Time
158. The Squeeze
159. Perched Eggs 2
160. Me Oh Fly
161. Abstracted
162. Supergems!
163. Flooded
164. Versus
165. Swirlin' Love
206. Stormy


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  • She is the first female Peggle Master.
  • Her biggest dream is to become a world traveler.
  • It's revealed on Master Hu's Peggle Nights stages that, if he had a band, Tula would be the drummer.
  • She is the third non-animal Peggle Master. The first is Splork and the second is Renfield.
  • In Peggle Blast's level 164, she mentions her cousin is the Sunflower from Plants vs. Zombies.
  • Her style shot Petal to the Metal is a play with the expression “pedal to the metal”, used to indicate that something is being pushed forward as fast as possible.

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