Greetings, fellow Pegglers! Who's speaking here is Shihyun, this wiki's latest administrator and bureaucrat.

In the last two months, this encyclopedic database has gone under significant changes. I've been creating several articles, and also updating and significantly improving old pages. Now, I'm here to celebrate!

All of the 55 Peggle Deluxe levels, the 80 Peggle Nights levels (including bonus packs), the 10 Peggle Extreme levels and the 10 Peggle: World of Warcraft Edition levels were added to the wiki, plus 51 out of the 80 Peggle 2 levels and 70 out of the 208 Peggle Blast levels! Cheers!

You can contribute to the community by editing these pages to share your tips and strategies.

Almost all Peggle Masters have brand new pages for themselves, full of useful information such as usage tips, characteristics, list of personal levels, and more! Plus, each Master has now a page exclusively dedicated for quotes! For example, click here to see a list of all things Claude ever said in Peggle-related canonical things.

Our rules were also updated! Take a look on them now. ^^

Not everything here is done, though! We still need to do 29 Peggle 2 levels, and a lot of stuff related to Peggle Blast: 138 of its levels still have no articles, and its eight exclusive Masters didn't get their pages updated yet.

In other news, a Community Drive was created for the wiki! You can download official free content and also fanmade level packs for Peggle Nights.

Anyone can creat level packs through PeggleEdit, an unofficial tool developed by programmer Ted John! If you're experiencing issues to use it, just enable the compability mode in IntelOrca.PeggleEdit.Designer.exe's file properties and everything should work fine.

Create your own Peggle Nights level packs and share them in your own blog posts! Want your level pack to be featured on the wiki's Community Drive? Just add (Made for Peggle Wiki!) at the end of your stages' description!

BUT, make sure your levels have no obscene reference, no disturbing imagery (e.g., creatures from horror movies) and no depiction of blood and gore. Violations of this specific rule will be immediately punished with permanent block.

I also thought on the possibility to start a twitter for the wiki since Peggle's official twitter account seems to be not very active nor Peggle-focused these days, but this idea probably wouldn't work.

What did you think of the recent changes made to the wiki? Comment below, don't be shy! (´・ω・`)

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