Level 11-4 with Master Hu is pretty straightforward. This level consists of a small circle with a Yin and Yang symbol, as well as a large circle also with Yin and Yang.

In adventure mode, break the tops of the circles open, then with a Zen shot each, clear out the middles. With any luck, there won't be too many orange pegs left, and hopefully, none that are blocked by blue. Remember, once the fever meter is at x10 (most of the orange pegs are gone), if you hit a purple peg and four blue, you will get more than 25,000 points for a free ball. Also, use free ball skills to pick off the pegs one by one until you can get to all the orange ones.

For a 100% clear, use Lord Cinderbottom with his fireball. Hit a green peg, and on the next turn, aim for the side of the large circle, somewhat lined up with the pegs in the upper right quadrant. Wait until the free ball bucket is coming towards the right side, and time the shot so that it ricochets off the closed bucket and up into the middle of the circle. If you can get the ball in the bucket, even better. If there wasn't already a green peg in the ones you just took out, then hit the remaining green peg for another fireball. This time aim for the left side of the large circle, while the ball bucket is moving to the left. Time the shot so that the fireball bounces off the bucket and up into the small circle (and then hopefully back into the bucket). You should get a couple of free balls out of these 2 shots since they will be worth plenty of points (and get to either 25,000 or 50,000 points for free balls). From here, you should be able to pick off the remaining pegs with a full box of balls, and good free ball skills. As with any of the All Clear challenges, practice makes perfect, so try and try again.