Level 10-5 is the last and probably most difficult of Master Hu's "Zen" levels. It has two snaking strands of pegs wiggling back and forth on each side of the screen. There are also several pegs arranged in patterns in the middle, and a few on the high sides.

To complete the level in adventure mode, immediately go for a green peg, and on the next shot get the ball to go into the far left or right side snake so that it will fall from top to bottom down the side of the screen hitting as many orange pegs out of the snake as possible. Next, clear out orange pegs in all but the opposite side, but don't hit the other green peg yet. Then for the second snake, get the second green peg, and your "Zen" shot should get most of the rest in the snake (using the same top to bottom type shot as the first).

For a 100% clear on this level, use Claude Lobster for his Flippers. On your first shot, hit a green peg to make the flippers appear while also getting the ball to bounce to the very left or right side of the screen so that it falls down one of the snakes right onto the flipper. Use the flipper to bounce it into the snake on that side, and hit as many pegs as you can. Repeat for the opposite side. It's easy to let the ball bounce under the flippers as the snake is winding away at the bottom, so be careful to keep the ball in play. It may take several tries to get good at this, so keep at it! Once the left and right sides are cleared out, use free ball skills to finish the rest of the pegs. Be sure to leave at least one orange peg for last!